START & DEV is your specialist in business development and innovation management. Its unique expertise lies in the capacity of business economic development and the opening of high growth international markets.

Whatever are your development stage and your ambition,
we care about your evolution,
we bring you to the next milestone

What Comes Next?

What Comes Next?



More than ever, most Executives are looking for answers to a fundamental question : how to reach the next economic development level of their companies, while overcoming now-days disruptive challenges ?



New technologies, by evolving quickly, are challenging the way we do operate a business. Shorter global economic cycles are challenging the « long-lasted » business models. The Y-Gen, socially born with new generation tools and practices, are challenging companies’ talents attraction capabilities.



S&D, with a unique ability to transform these challenges into opportunities, supports companies by identifying new growth leverages and goes down to operational execution.

S&D uses proven tools and best practices to reach new markets, capture new revenue streams, and build sustainable business operations.


When do we start and develop your company together ?

When do we Start & Dev ?

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